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In Soviet Russia! In Soviet Russia!

Rated 5 / 5 stars



nygiantsroxursox responds:

Shvatt do you mean?

Epic Beard Man Epic Beard Man

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Fuckin' the best

THIS is a funny flash, the best part was the Vietnamese torture scene, god that was genius. Sorry to tell you this but your last few flashes weren't that funny, but Johnny you made a comeback big time, this is probably the best thing you've made keep making awesome flashes like this they RAWK!

Microcosm Microcosm

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A high quality flash

Great concept, exceptional artwork and it has a nice flow which is very important. Also the sound was well synced with the flash and added depth to the feature presentation itself. All in all, an original idea, executed nicely. 10/10

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Helen Keller the Game Helen Keller the Game

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a really good game

The story line was good of course, but what really won me over were the graphics, 3d!? I didn't expect it to be this good. You truly are an amazing programmer, I hope they add medals to this game.

10/10 hands down.

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Crush the Castle Crush the Castle

Rated 5 / 5 stars

This is a great physics based game!

The graphics were very good and the gameplay was enjoyable, definate replay value, and an overall great game.

Check out the level I made!

0~fl_i:490,418.35|fl_i:691.7,418.35|w _s:396.65,350|w_s:435.05,348.35|w_s:7 78.35,351.7|w_s:741.65,353.25|w_i:416 .7,348.35|w_i:758.35,350|w_i:565.05,3 51.7|w_i:585.05,351.65|w_i:605.05,353 .35|fl_i:489.95,284.95|fl_i:690.05,28 6.7|p_c:1053.3,391.65|w_s:418.35,218.
35|w_s:761.7,220|w_i:438.35,216.7|w_i :743.3,221.7|w_s:458.3,216.65|w_s:725 .05,225|w_i:565.05,220|w_i:583.4,220|
fl_i:688.35,153.3|w_i:563.35,85|w_i:5 80.05,86.6|w_i:601.65,85|w_s:439.9,83 .3|w_s:478.3,85|w_i:456.7,83.3|w_s:74 6.65,86.6|w_i:726.7,86.65|w_s:708.35,
fl_i:701.75,-51.75|fl_i:500,-51.65|ws _i:428.35,-16.65|ws_i:450,-16.7|ws_i:
473.35,-16.7|ws_i:500,-16.65|ws_i:523 .3,-18.4|ws_i:585,-13.35|ws_i:615,-13 .35|ws_i:646.7,-11.65|ws_i:675,-13.35 |ws_i:553.35,-16.65|ws_i:698.35,-15|w s_i:725,-15|ws_i:750,-16.7|w_w:1089.9 ,338.25|f_w:1031.75,361.7|fl_i:585,-6 1.7|fl_i:585,-71.7|f_i:575,-78.35|f_i :575,-88.3|f_i:573.35,-96.6|f_i:576.6 5,-106.7|fs_i:573.35,-116.7|fs_i:573.
-165|p_t:573.3,-191.65|p_c:543.35,-13 3.35|p_c:605,-130|p_c:991.7,391.65|p_
c:1020,390|w_i:295.05,360|w_i:295,236 .65|w_i:294.9,113.3|w_i:295,-10|w_i:2 95,-133.35|w_i:315,358.25|w_i:313.35,
35,110|w_i:333.35,234.95|w_i:333.25,3 58.35|w_i:353.25,358.35|w_i:353.25,23 5|w_s:374.95,354.95|w_s:373.25,226.65 |w_s:371.65,103.3|w_s:275,358.35|w_s:
275,235|w_s:275.05,110|w_s:276.65,-15 |w_s:275,-135.05|w_s:971.7,355|p_t:32 0,-221.7|c_s:771.65,-95|f_w:1008.35,2 88.35|ws_w:1031.65,323.35|c_k:699.9,3 80.05|c_q:656.7,378.35|c_s:646.7,246.
65|c_s:683.35,246.65|c_s:528.35,380|c _s:495,381.65|w_s:953.35,353.35|w_i:3 13.25,-136.65|w_i:893.3,356.75|w_i:33 3.25,-135.05|w_s:911.65,358.35|w_s:93 0,356.7|

Tiananmen Square Tiananmen Square

Rated 5 / 5 stars

i rike a rot

rearry good game man!

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Jazz-zzz Blues Etude (Hybrid) Jazz-zzz Blues Etude (Hybrid)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

You're too good for Newgrounds bro!

Get you're stuff published and sell some CDs!

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Pour Anne - John Sercu Pour Anne - John Sercu

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty good for C major

The chord progression was pretty predictable though.

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F. Chopin - Valse (op.64.2) F. Chopin - Valse (op.64.2)

Rated 2 / 5 stars

I'm sure you could do better.

Perfect your pieces before submitting them. You need to watch your tempo, and make sure you're playing all the keys. It sounded as if you smashing some keys and lightly tapping others. Are you playing on a proper piano? If this is a recording from a keyboard I guess I could understand the poor quality. Keyboards are no substitution for an acoustic piano. I suppose it's an ok play, but it leaves a lot to be desired.

Practice much more, and then submit it when it's perfect.